Rich Character Development and Interaction

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Throughout the game, you will find dozens of characters to join your team. Each character has unique personalities and traits. These traits can be positive - such as the Cat Eye (better performance at night) - or negative - such as Cowardice (a propensity to flee from battle). Traits can be dynamically developed throughout the game. For instance, if you frequently send one person into bloody combat, he or she might develop a trait of Aggressive (may shoot wildly and randomly during a fierce combat). You can interact with different characters to manipulate their attitude towards you. For instance, bribing will temporarily improve relationships, while developing friendships will have more benefit in the long term. Just as with real people, basic needs such as food, water and rest must be met. Higher needs, such as social interaction, comfort, entertainment and even ego must also be monitored. The better you keep your party member's needs fulfilled, the better chances you have to survive.[1]

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